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Medical Tourism for Artificial Insemination is increasing in the best ivf center in Kolkata

IVF centre in Kolkata
Every year the number of medical tourists is increasing in various cities of India. Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru are the top destinations for the patients coming from abroad; the next superpower of the world is now providing world-class healthcare facilities. India is providing healthcare services at a very low cost but the level of treatment is no less than the United States and European nations. The City of Joy, Kolkata is the hub of best IVF center in India.

IVF or In Vitro Fertilization is one of the modern fertilization technology rapidly used all over the world. In this method, the healthy eggs and sperms are combined outside the womb of the mother. As the Indian Law permits to have surrogacy for the women who are unable to become a mother, the best IVF center in Kolkata are offering them a low-cost opportunity to become a mother.

Previously, in India, there were only a handful of clinics, which used to provide IVF facility. Now cities like Kolkata have several best IVF center in India

According to a few independent studies, India will surpass the income mark of $9 Billion by 2020, which will be generated from Medical Tourism. This is one example, how the best IVF center in India is contributing towards national GDP.

According to another research, the best IVF center in Kolkata is becoming the top choice for Bangladeshi patients. As being a Muslim major country there are some social restrictions are still imposed over the population due to Islamic Shariya Laws. Therefore, many infertile Bangladeshi Patients are visiting the best IVF center in India to become parents without causing any social outrage as still in Bangladesh Surrogacy is not quite regulated or bounded by law as India and other developed countries. In India, the government allows the Altruistic Surrogacy, this way the parents can truly enjoy the parenthood by themselves. But, in India, commercial surrogacy is banned by the Law.

Apart from the ultramodern fertility clinics and healthcare services, India’s new and changed VISA policy for the people going there for medical purposes. According to the update in February 2019, the patients can apply for a medical visa online through e-VISA portal. The government is also allowing an extended stay in India for up to six months for the patients and their family members. This has created a huge impact in the field of healthcare. According to the reports of 2016, the citizens of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Republic of Korea, and Nigeria took the most advantage of India’s medical tourism in India.

The best IVF center in Kolkata is attracting most of the infertile patients of India and various other nationals. The reason is many folds.

First, Kolkata has great connectivity with various major cities of the world. 

Secondly, the best IVF center in Kolkata is offering several different medical procedures for the patients to overcome infertility. 

Thirdly, Kolkata is one of the cheapest cities in the world as per as Global Cost of Living Index 2019. 

These reasons also acted as catalysts to make Kolkata one of the top destinations for medical tourists.

Becoming a parent is a very difficult task and with the growing reasons for lifestyle-related issues is fuelling infertility problem among youth. The best IVF centers of India are offering various affordable packages for their patients. These packages include all kind of tests to be performed over the patients, hospitalization, medicines, treatment procedures, and all other necessary costs.

Apart from the large numbers of highly qualified doctors, the highly experienced and friendly management staffs of the best IVF center in India are working day and night hard to stay on top. With the growing number of medical tourists and patients within India and new competitions due to various new clinics, the best IVF centers of Kolkata are introducing various new technologies and more affordable packages than rest of India even the world. This is keeping the best IVF centers of India busy in providing the patients with better services. 

Apart from IVF, the best IVF center in Kolkata are offering the facility of Intrauterine insemination or IUI, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection or ICSI and many other highly advanced medical procedures for the couples without a baby.

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