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PCOS is the polycystic ovary syndrome is the disorder in the human body most frequently occurred due to hormone level. Women suffer from this syndrome produces male hormones more than the normal range. The hormonal disbalance skips the menstrual cycle and women face trouble to conceive a baby. PCOS and pregnancy are very much related. It also affects the insulin level, diabetes and heart attack increases body weight and also baldness and hair growth in the face and body. PCOS does not mean always that a woman will have a cyst. The term polycystic is misleading. Androgen hormone level becomes higher in PCOS.

Polycystic Ovary syndrome, PCOS, is nowadays a challenging gynaecological issue for both women and doctors. PCOS is due to hormonal imbalance mainly affecting women of childbearing age and nowadays it is increasing in young adult girls. This issue disrupts the menstrual cycle of a woman, causes difficulty in conceiving and has long term complications like Diabetes, Hypertension and obesity etc. Hence, proper medications and management is required for women suffering from PCOS issues. Only a renowned gynaecological platform having proficient and experienced medical practitioners can offer you the best possible treatment for PCOS. This ailment cannot be cured or uprooted completely but its progression and effects can be controlled fruitfully with proper and correct management. Urvaraa IVF has the best and experienced consultant for PCOS in Kolkata and it can offer you the appropriate treatment for PCOS in Kolkata. Urvaraa IVF can be your ultimate destination if you are seeking the best possible treatment for PCOS.

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The PCOS can be controlled, but not cured. We are discussing here the treatment for PCOS.

PCOS Wiki will give you the rest of the other information regarding PCOS and its symptoms and treatment.

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FAQs or frequently asked questions on PCOS

PCOS is not life-threatening but it may be the reason for many other diseases. PCOS is the reason for type II diabetes and heart problems. Another major fatal disease like liver inflammation and endometrial cancer.

PCOS may affect pregnancy even lead to miscarriage. Complications may arise during pregnancy. Even after the birth of the infant, if PCOS affects the mother. The newborn may die just at the time of birth or have to spend time at the intensive care unit. Irregularities in the menstrual cycle cause due to PCOS and it becomes difficult to ovulation.

PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome, means the release of androgens hormones that is the release of male hormones in females. Symptoms are irregular periods, growth of body and facial hair and darkening of the skin.

Few home remedies may help to control symptoms of PCOS. Yoga, regular exercises and a healthy diet. Regular exercises help to control blood sugar in your body. Limit your carbohydrate intake. Take green vegetables and lots of fruits.

Some of the signs of PCOS in the body is period is not irregular, that creates problem to conceive. Hair growth and weight gain are the major signs. It is one of the gynecological problems cannot be cured but can be controlled.