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How Surrogacy at the best IVF center in India helping the Humankind?

Best IVF Center in India, Infertility Hospital

The modern times, where time is money and everyone is running and running all the time faster and faster, the health issues are being neglected by almost everyone. The lifestyle is drowning more and more people every day. The lifestyle disorders, stress, workload, anxiety, and many more are nothing but the gateways of a downward spiral, where at the end, there nothing but more major health issues waiting to gobble up everything you’ve earned and the worst part, it can give you infertility. But there is a ray of hope, the best IVF center in India is offering the best solutions and the experienced and dedicated teams of doctors and medical staffs are working really hard to provide you with the best and affordable cures of your reproductive problems.

According to research, every year about 1.4% of men are losing their sperm count which is adding them in the category of infertile men. The women are also falling to the dark pits of infertility. Many women are found sterile due to ovarian issues, poor egg quality, coital problems, and many others. These issues either not allowing them for pregnancy or leading them toward miscarriage. But, there is a silver lining if you are in this unfortunate situation. ‘Urvaraa’, an infertility hospital in Kolkata is offering the best and affordable solutions.

Urvaraa has a large team of highly experienced doctors, some of them have more than 30 years of experience. The infertility hospital also engaged a team of highly skilled technicians, legal advisers, and management.

Urvaraa is currently offering the facilities of IVF, ICSI, IUI, Embryo Freezing, Sperm and Eggs Freezing, Sperm and Egg donation, Surrogacy Support and many more. The infertility hospital is offering all these services under various affordable schemes and budget. They are even offering the EMI facility. All these have made Urvaraa as the best IVF center in India.

In recent times many female infertility patients are choosing the Egg donation facility. In this process, healthy eggs are collected from a donor and after a successful collection, they are frozen. Later, the eggs are mixed with chemicals under a computer-controlled environment which acts as an artificial womb. Then the sperms are introduced into the mix which fertilizes the eggs and the whole thing turn into a zygote or embryo. After that, the embryos are transferred into the mother’s womb and the natural process of child growth inside the mother’s womb begins. But, the doctors of the infertility hospital suggest if you had faced several miscarriages earlier or after diagnosing if they find out you are not capable to become a mother or pregnancy can turn out to be life-threatening for you, they always recommend surrogacy.

In India, the constitution allows Sperm and Egg donation and Altruistic Surrogacy. In Altruistic Surrogacy, the surrogate mother of the child is not supposed to do it for commercial but, for humanitarian purposes. Many healthy women in India are becoming a surrogate mother to help infertile couples. Many infertility hospitals are contacting them to get their support for the patients.

Within a few years of its establishment, Urvaraa has become the best IVF center in India. This infertility hospital has the latest equipment and medicines available in the world. They frequently upgrade their instruments to provide the best results for their patients.

New studies are showing that even a couple or any one of them is suffering from HIV or other deadly diseases, the IVF and new drugs which are introduced very recently can reduce the chance of HIV up to 99% for the baby. The best IVF center in India is also using new methods to reduce the chance of deadly diseases in the baby.

The infertility hospitals in India had also extended their arms toward international patients. As in many Islamic and Orthodox Christian nations IVF, Artificial Insemination, Sperm and Egg donation is strictly banned and can bring harsh punishment over the couples if they use any of the treatments in their own country. So, thousands of patients from South-East Asia, Middle-East, Africa and European countries are coming to the best IVF center in India with a high hope to return home with a baby and without any legal prosecution.