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A few reasons reveal by the best IVF center in india, why intimacy after IUI is good for you?

Best IVF Center in India, IVF Treatment in Kolkata

Intrauterine Insemination or IUI is a very useful and easy process for fertilization. Previously this process was mainly used for animal husbandry to breed cattle. Later, it was successfully implemented in human beings. In recent times, the best IVF centers in India are offering Intrauterine Insemination at very attractive packages. Urvaraa one of the best clinics for IVF treatment in Kolkata has made this process secure than ever.

Previously, sexual intercourse after the administration of IUI was supposed to be harmful to the woman and the doctors used to stop couples having any intimacy. But back in May 1998 a group of Taiwanese Scientists discovered and debunked this concept. The scientists took 200 couples and divided them into two groups where one group was advised not to have any intimacy and the other one was advised to do the opposite. The results were remarkable. Those who performed sexual activities within 14-18 hours of the administration of IUI shown a 17.4% higher success rate in fertilization in the first trial of IUI. Later, the doctors of the best IVF center in India and other nations started to advise as per the results of the study. In recent times, the doctors are suggesting to cease all sexual activities at least 4-5 days before IUI and get intimate with each other within 12-18 hours of the administration. This is enhancing the chances of fertilization. The doctors of the best IVF center in India are very optimistic about their work.

According to global reports, the fertilization of men and women largely depend on age. If a woman aging between 30-40 the chances of getting pregnant is up to 20% in first chance and the chances drastically fall under 5% if the woman is older than 45 years. According to the institutes for IVF treatment in Kolkata, the first ejaculation increases the chance by 39.2% if it happened within 1-4 hours of IUI administration. The chances increased by 42.9-53.1% if the ejaculation is done within 24 hours and up to 48% if done within 96 hours of IUI treatment.

Urvaraa, one of the best IVF centers in India stated that they prefer IUI over IVF for their patients. IUI is much cheaper than IVF and also a much safer process. In IUI the collected sperm is washed then concentrated then injected inside the uterus without any painful experience.

The institutes offering IVF treatment in Kolkata are offering IUI, ICSI, Surrogacy, and other treatments. In Urvaraa, the best IVF center in India is offering IUI at 10 times cheaper than IVF. The other clinics for IVF treatment in Kolkata are offering at 5-6 times cheaper than their IVF packages. Generally, at Urvaraa, the IVF can cost you around $30,000 and IUI just $3,000.

After the administration of IUI, one can see the results within 10-14 days which is much less than IVF. The doctors of the best IVF centers in India also suggests taking as many as four attempts with IUI to become pregnant. But, if you failed even in the fourth attempt do consider taking other available modes treatment such as ICSI, Surrogacy, and IVF. 

IUI is also very helpful to those patients whose reasons behind infertility is not clear even after several diagnostics. The doctors of the best IVF center in India also suggest taking IUI if the problem of sterility is present in the male. The process of IUI can be administered with donated sperms too. Sometimes, the sperm is too poor in quality that simply cannot fertilize the eggs. But sometimes when the patients do not want the donated sperm, the sperms are collected from the patient then it is washed to remove all possible impurities and concentrated with more specimen. Then finally, it is injected into the uterus of the female. This process is repeated until the eggs are fertilized inside the uterus of the female.

But, even if the sexual intimacy is allowed after the administering of IUI sometimes a couple need to restrain from using it if she is suffering from diseases in the fallopian tube, as it will not allow the sperms to go to her uterus and fertilize the eggs. It is also not recommended if the woman has pelvic infections.