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Sperm Problems

The main sign of male infertility is his inability to conceive a child. Researches have conclusively proved that the main reasons for such inability are Sperm Problems that include low sperm count, difficulty in ejaculation or ejection of a lesser amount of fluid while in intercourse. It results in developing a situation where female vagina does not get the sperm amount that fulfills the requirement for conceiving. Experts have dictated issues like inherited disorder, hormonal imbalances or dilated veins as main causes for such a situation.

Diagnosis Options
Male infertility treatment (no sperm)

This is medically termed Azoospermia. The treatment is entirely dependent on the types and cause.
The procedure includes:

IVF Treatment @ No Cost EMI

FAQs or frequently asked questions on Sperm Problems

IVF involves some advanced level of treatment for a case where men have abnormally low sperm counts. The application of the latest technology helps in generating chances of parenting in couples who were dipped in despair a few days ago.

The training makes involvement of superior technicians in the system. The advanced and sophisticated treatment and use of delicate machines make the system a bit expensive.

With better understanding of the disease, stress also has been diagnosed as one of chief reasons for infertility. This is due to its ability to produce negative impact over sperm and egg production.

There are few plans that cover insurance over the issues of infertility. Not every policy covers the treatment.

This testing of PGT involves use of technique where cells are taken from an embryo or egg to test the genetic makeup of the cells. The testing helps the physician determine the treatment required to make up the recession and make it sufficiently filled.