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Coital Problems

The sexual impotence suffered by a woman during sexual discourse is medically termed as Coital Problems. These sort of problems are caused by infertility within the female counterpart in a sexual regime. In counteracting the ability to conceive, a woman expresses emotional excitements. Stresses of infertility and treatments that followed might also cause critical difficulties in sexual practices.

Impotence test for female:

During tracing the reasons for female sexual dysfunction, doctor comes over a series of Impotence test for femaleThe diagnosis might include an examination of pelvis that helps in getting an idea about the health of reproductive organs. Normally, this type of test follows a complete health checkup. Gynecologists are consulted to treat the female exclusive part while other specialists are consulted to deal with other issues in the body.

Female impotence causes:

A female member in any sexual affair might suffer from various physical as well as emotional hues. Therefore, female impotence causes also differ according to the family or other sociological background.

What causes a woman to be frigid?

Frigidity is one of the major reasons for Coital Problems. This is normally caused by sexual inhibition and inexperience of a woman. When knowledge about processes is insufficient, frigidity is caused to come up. It is influenced by certain psychological factors that include guilt, anxiety, or a past sexual trauma and even abuse in sexual relations. Medication, chronic diseases and inadequate stimulation might be other factors.

Post coital anxiety

Post coital anxiety is better known as Post – coital tristesse. When a female member in any sexual discourse feels sad, anxious or shows some form of aggression or agitation after a successful sexual intercourse process – it is called post-coital trtstesse. This can occur to males also. Researches reveal that this can happen due to some sort of sexual abuse in childhood or some psychological distress in present days.

What is coital frequency?

Research have conducted the know the range of presence of coital effect within women/ it was revealed the fact that Coital Frequency is comparatively higher in educated women gets more affected with Coital Problems. On the other hand, persons surviving the marriage for a considerable period normally stay out of these issues.

Post coital dysphoria treatment:

The problem of post coital dysphoria can be best countered by developing mental power as suggested by experts:

Post coital dysphoria causes:

Post Coital Dysphoria might come up following up some factors and no definite reason is not ascertained till date. But presence of conjugated factors in both chemical and social aspect can give rise to sadness or excitement after performing a sexual discourse.

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FAQs or frequently asked questions on Coital Problems

This depends upon your attitude once the sexual discourse is over. You need to check whether you are left with some engrossed feelings of anger, emotion after such sessions.

When the sexual intercourse period brings up satisfaction to both the parties involved, the resultant feeling is called post coital bliss. The body secretes serotonin and DHEA at the climax stage.

Like most of the sexual affairs depression length could never be measured. It arises out of melancholy, anxiety or agitation. Normal experience has stated that post coital depression lasts between five minutes and two hours

Coital headache is a particular type of headache that occurs in the skull and neck during sexual activity. These types of headaches are normally caused by intracranial hemorrhage and cerebral infarction.

Cephalalgia Coital is the term given to the headache caused right before, during or after an orgasm. These types might be caused due to serious problem. Therefore, it serves as an indicator of a serious disease that might affect brain nerves.