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Special condition pregnancy care

Many women have a pregnancy without any problems. However, in some cases, there is severe complication which needs immediate attention. The term ‘high risk’ means for some medical conditions before pregnancy or any pregnancy complications. Early diagnosis of such problems is very important for the health of both the mother and the baby.

Accidents happen in spite of taking every precaution. Such unpredictable events can happen during the period of pregnancy. In spite of having all necessary precautions and taking all proper management, women may face high risk complications during pregnancy which require special care and attention. Only reputed and pioneer healthcare platforms having renowned doctors and ample infrastructure can take care of such cases. Urvaraa Ivf is one such premium platform that offers its dear clients all ultramodern high-risk pregnancy care under one roof. Under the constant monitoring and surveillance of our celebrated doctors, we offer pioneer treatment for high-risk pregnancies in Kolkata. We have specialists for high risk pregnancies to reduce your hardships during the entire period of pregnancy. In short, we provide the best care for high-risk pregnancies in Kolkata.

Special-care pregnancy conditions:

Labor that begins before 37th week of pregnancy is termed as preterm labor.


-Maternal health diseases such as diabetes mellitus, kidney problems, etc.

-Multiple pregnancies

-Problems of the placenta such as placenta previa, placenta abruption, etc.

-Structural defects of the uterus and cervical incompatibility

-Previous history of preterm labor


o    More than 5 contractions per hour, or contractions which are longer and closer.

o    Abdominal cramps and pain

o    Spotting, bleeding, watery discharge from the vagina

o    Low backache

o    Ruptured membranes

It is also called cervical incompetence, which is the weakened cervix of a pregnant woman that results in a miscarriage or a preterm delivery.

-Previous traumatic birth during which the cervix was torn

-A cone biopsy

-Pregnancy with multiple gestations

-Repeated late-term abortions


o    Cerclage

It is a procedure of stitching of cervix with a strong thread for the full term of pregnancy. The stitch removed around the 9th month of pregnancy.

It is a condition of high pressure associated with protein in the urine which brought on by pregnancy.

-BP OF 140/90 or higher at two separate occasions at least 6 hrs apart

-Protein in urine

-Constant severe headache

-Blurred vision

-Sudden weight gain

-Pain in the right upper abdomen


o    Induce delivery if the baby is safe.

o    Bed rest

o    Antihypertensive medications

It is a type of diabetes that occurs only during pregnancy. In gestational diabetes, the pregnancy hormones limit the activity of insulin.

It causes,

-Overweight of the baby

-Maternal/fetal trauma

-Jaundice in the newborn

It occurs when the mother’s blood group is Rh -ve and the fetus’s group is Rh +ve. In this condition, if some of the fetal blood is mixed in your bloodstream, your body will produce antibodies against it. This antibody will pass through the placenta and harm RBC of the fetus causes anemia to the fetus. The first baby will be safe. But if your second baby also Rh +ve, the fetus can be harmed by the antibody persist in the mother’s body. If antibodies present and anemia are detected, then blood transfusion is done to replace the fetal blood.

It includes 3 major elements of syndrome: (H) hemolysis, (EL) elevated liver enzymes, and (LP) low platelet count. It can lead to lung and heart diseases, permanent kidney and liver damage, internal bleeding, Stroke and serious complication of the mother. It causes early placental detachment, which may lead to fetal death.

It is a condition characterized by too much of amniotic fluid. The fluid increases until the 36th week of pregnancy. Severe hydramnios may be a sign of a problem with the fetus like central nervous system defect, gastrointestinal blockage or chromosomal problem.

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FAQs or frequently asked questions on Special condition pregnancy care

Preeclampsia develops close to the due date of delivery do not seem to have the risk of BP after delivery. If there is an early onset of preeclampsia, there is a high risk of heart disease and high blood pressure after delivery.

Mostly not, but the baby will have an increased risk of diabetes in the future. After the delivery, if the baby is having low blood sugar, then the doctor may give glucose to balance the sugar level.

There is no risk from the vaccine for both the mother and the baby. It is better to administer even if the baby is Rh –ve.

It is the condition where there is no enough fluid. Without plenty of fluid to float in, the fetus’s body may compress the umbilical cord and cutting off its supply of blood and oxygen.

Nausea and vomiting can be prevented by taking prenatal vitamins. Get symptomatic treatment immediately.