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Male tube Blockages

Medical studies have revealed the fact that around 30 percent of the fertility issues are generated in men. Men are normally seen to suffer from various sexual issues that include The main causes that are traced for male infertility is the inability to ejaculate sperm due to male tube blockages. Hormonal problems also play a role in bringing about sexual dissatisfaction within the partner.

The male reproductive system makes, stores and transports sperms. The entire process is controlled by specific hormones. Sperms and male sex hormones are created in the dual testicles. These testicles reside within a sac below the penis. While intercourse, the sperm go into the female partner’s vagina. If this functioning is not normally carried, Male Infertility is said to have generated.

According to the latest studies, it was accounted that male infertility takes around 40 to 50 percentile of the total cases of infertility. And, it was also held in the report that almost 7% of masculine demography has been affected by the disease.

Sperm blockage symptoms
Sperm blockage treatment

Doctors frequently advise surgery as the principle method for Sperm Blockage Treatment. Blocked tube hinders the flow of sperm-contained fluid. Insertion of a slender needle after mild anesthesia helps removal of sperm. The collected sperm is kept for future use or alternatively, can be used in an IVF.

Treatment of male infertility

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FAQs or frequently asked questions onMale tube Blockages

Causes of infertility depends on the factors. In cases of varicocele infertility, a urologist might suggest varicocelectomy.

Minimum range of sperm excretion is 15 million in per millimeter of semen. However, this range might go up to 200 million depending on the physical potency of a person.

It has been proved that some supplements enriched with Vitamin C can improve quality of semen.  An increase of 92 percent in sperm motility has been experienced through the induction of 1000 mg Vitamin C supplements twice a day for 60 days.

The cause of male infertility has no far ideally determined. The common issues that give rise to infertility are hindrances for testicles performances.

In cases of infertility, the female partner also needs to check. Male infertility cases are subjected to various treatments. These include Surgery, Assisted Reproductive Technology, and Hormone testing and treating infections.